We do hope you will contribute to the creation of a thesaurus for ecological observations!
Common and understandable terminology is essential for sharing data and information. The lack of clear terminology and definitions of those terms is very evident in a synthesis centre, where our business is to assist researchers to aggregate existing data. In some fields, such as in the identification and definition of plant traits, we are well progressed, but in others much less so.
This tool is designed to help you contribute clear definitions on the following:
  • what you use to describe your ecological observations and measurements, and
  • what do the terms you use mean?
We hope that once a good suite of terms has been defined, the thesaurus will become a public resource, linked to global thesauri and ontologies such as ENVO <http://environmentontology.org/ >.
To participate, please email: cesab@fondationbiodiversite.fr. If you already have a login, go straight to the tab you need.
We thank all those who have contributed to the development of this tool and the terms within it.
Special thanks to date are due to: Orlane Anneville (INRA), Pier-Luigi Buttigieg (Alfred-Wegener-Institut), Aurelie Delavaud (FRB), Bruno Fady (INRA, CESAB), Eric Garnier (CESAB, CNRS), MickaŽl Hedde (INRA), Michel Kublicki (IRD), Baptiste Laporte (CESAB), Marie-Angelique Laporte (Biodiversity International), Catherine Leigh (INRA, Griffith Univ), Benjamin Pey (University of Toulouse), Jules Segrestin (CNRS), Alison Specht (CESAB), Cyrille Violle (CNRS), Ramona Walls (University of Arizona).